Exercise Skin Benefits


Your body benefits so much when you engage in physical activity. It’s healthy for your heart, your bones, your muscles and even your skin. Exercising can make you feel better and it improves your skin health.

Improve Blood Flow

When you are exercising, your heart and lungs are working together to distribute oxygen-rich blood to your muscles and skin. This explains why you have flushed skin after a workout. If the nutrients and the oxygen are distributed well into your skin cells then this will encourage collagen production and it keeps your skin plump.

Sweatin’ It Out

You sweat out a lot during an exercise and it’s good because it helps out in eliminating the toxins from your body especially the ones that clog your pores.

Reduces Stress

When you work out, your body releases endorphins, hormones that make you feel good and reduces your stress level. When your body is under stress, it tends to produce more cortisol, which could lead to lower immune function, higher weight gain and it could worsen any existing skin disease. Less stress means that you are more relaxed and you are less likely to develop frown lines on your face.

Better Sleep

Exercise helps you sleep better. When you are asleep, it gives your skin time to repair itself. Similar to the effects of stress, if you are sleep deprived then your body’s cortisol level will increase, hurting your skin health in the process.

Toned Muscles

Exercises like weight training can strengthen and tone your muscles. Aside from the fact that you will look better, a firm muscle will be able to provide support to your skin therefore minimizing the appearance of cellulites.

Just think of it this way. You really have got nothing to lose and everything to gain when you start an exercise plan. If you have one, enjoy reaping the benefits and if you still haven’t started, know that it’s never too late.