Best Supplements To Help Boost Your Workout


There are many things that we can do to help our workouts. There are tailored exercise routines, apps, and even supplements to maximize your results. Today we will be talking about supplements, and more specifically Nitric Oxide (NO) supplements. Some NO supplements are better than others, but they generally don’t have the nasty side effects that many other workout boosters have. They may not work as fast as something like steroids, but they also won’t make your testicles retreat either! NO supplements are a far more natural approach to building muscle, so how do they do this?


Citrulline will increase NO production and support blood flow. It may also delay fatigue and support muscular energy.


L-Arginine increases your blood flow during workouts which leads to muscle pump during a workout. It is a precursor to NO.

Arginine Ethyl Ester

Arginine can further enhance your body’s NO boosting benefits and it helps with absorption. Try arginine ethyl ester for that extra bust of energy when you next head to the gym.


AAKG is type of l-arginine which is also meant to increase blood flow and boost your pump during a workout.


Agmatine, is a byproduct from L-arginine which is powerful and will increase your blood flow. It usually also encourages muscle pumps, and nutrient transport.

There are tons of other types of supplements out there, but NO supplement tend to be one of the safer option out there. If works for our clients and we have also tried them with some solid results.

For a more in depth analysis of supplements, more specifically NO, check out – supplement to get ripped. They also list some of the top supplement brands at the moment.

Disclaimer: Not all supplements work the exactly the same way for each person and just because they work great for your friend, it doesn’t mean you’ll get the exact same results. You may need to try several different brands before finding one that works really well for you. It is recommended that you ask for your doctors opinion before taking any workout supplement.

Exercise Skin Benefits


Your body benefits so much when you engage in physical activity. It’s healthy for your heart, your bones, your muscles and even your skin. Exercising can make you feel better and it improves your skin health.

Improve Blood Flow

When you are exercising, your heart and lungs are working together to distribute oxygen-rich blood to your muscles and skin. This explains why you have flushed skin after a workout. If the nutrients and the oxygen are distributed well into your skin cells then this will encourage collagen production and it keeps your skin plump.

Sweatin’ It Out

You sweat out a lot during an exercise and it’s good because it helps out in eliminating the toxins from your body especially the ones that clog your pores.

Reduces Stress

When you work out, your body releases endorphins, hormones that make you feel good and reduces your stress level. When your body is under stress, it tends to produce more cortisol, which could lead to lower immune function, higher weight gain and it could worsen any existing skin disease. Less stress means that you are more relaxed and you are less likely to develop frown lines on your face.

Better Sleep

Exercise helps you sleep better. When you are asleep, it gives your skin time to repair itself. Similar to the effects of stress, if you are sleep deprived then your body’s cortisol level will increase, hurting your skin health in the process.

Toned Muscles

Exercises like weight training can strengthen and tone your muscles. Aside from the fact that you will look better, a firm muscle will be able to provide support to your skin therefore minimizing the appearance of cellulites.

Just think of it this way. You really have got nothing to lose and everything to gain when you start an exercise plan. If you have one, enjoy reaping the benefits and if you still haven’t started, know that it’s never too late.

Tips To Improve Your Workout

WorkoutThere are many things we can do to help our workout. And if you search the internet, you will find about 1000 tips. But which ones to believe. I usually try the tips that sound like they would work. So if someone said to have a protein shake before a workout that makes sense to me. On the other hand, if someone said eat a large meal from a fast food outlet, I would think twice about that one. Here at Fitness Fort Myers, we have narrowed down the tips to what we believe are some of the most important.

Train With One Or More Partners

Research has shown that when we work out with other people we can actually lift more and we are stronger in front of just one person. We can therefore do a heavier workout. Having partners will also help you keep motivated to keep going to the gym.

Focus On The Mussels You Are Working On (Don’t Get Sidetracked)

While working out a particular part of your body, focus on that. Don’t start thinking what you will be working out next for example. As research has shown people who are focusing on the mussel they are working out show significantly more mussel activity then those who think about something else.

Protein Shake

Drink a protein shake before and after a workout. About 20 mg of protein should be enough for the average person but may vary. This will help with building mussel more easily.

Get A Good Night Sleep

Having a poor night sleep can lead to less energy during the day. Snoring may be a reason for a lack of sleep. But the good news is that there are several ways to stop snoring and get a better night sleep. Such as a stop snoring mouth piece, sleeping in different positions, nasal strips, special pillows, etc. Getting a better night sleep will help you with your workout.

Avoid High Fat Meals Before A Workout

Eating high fat meals up to 4 hours before a workout can play a negative effect. Basically what is causes is that it means that less blood will be going to your mussels and therefore giving less benefit of the workout. So it is best to avoid these foods before working out.

There you have it. If you follow these simple steps you should be able to maximize your workout and lose weight at the same time as getting more fit. It’s a win win. And it is really easy. We are not giving you any hard tricky things to do. It’s up to you now…


The Myths & Truth About Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks

No one likes to have stretch marks, and these people often feel like they are the only ones with them. But stretch marks are far more common then you may think. What are stretch marks? There is a good definition from wikipedia here. The good news is that there are cures for stretch marks such as creams, surgery, or even home remedies. There are a lot of “facts” going around on the internet about stretch marks. Some things are true and some are just ridiculous. Below you will see some of the common (and not so common) myths and then the truths which should debunk the myths.


  • Only woman get stretch marks
  • Only pregnant or obese woman get them
  • They are permanent
  • They get worse with time
  • They spread
  • Stretch marks only occur on the stomach


  • While stretch marks are often found on woman, men also get them
  • Stretch marks occur when the body through rapid growth, this is why pregnant woman and obese people get them.
  • However, very often kids hitting puberty will get them also
  • Stretch marks can fade over time and the healing process can be assisted with creams or home remedies
  • Stretch marks don’t get worse over time unless your body goes through another rapid time of growth
  • Stretch marks can occur on the stomach, thighs, lower back, upper arms, and buttocks

Tips On Losing Weight

Lose weight

Losing weight can be a bit challenge. There are many things that can influence you not being able to lose weight but even more that can help you lose the weight that you want. Below we discuss a range of options to help you lose weight. And don’t worry, they won’t all make your life miserable.


Drink Lots Of Water

Water helps us keep full for longer and therefore reducing calories. Also, drinking more water will actually reduce the amount of water our body stores (“water weight”). Every person is different, but on average it is recommended that we drink about 6 glasses of water a day.


Find The Healthy Lunch Spots Near Your Office

Knowing where the healthy options for lunch are during work hours has huge benefits. And knowing where a few of these options will help you not get tired of the same food. If you are in a rush and only have a few minutes to grab lunch, you know exactly where to go.


Don’t Be Tempted By Fad Diets

As the title states, don’t be tempted by those crazy fad diets. One day we are not eating fat, then the next day we are eating healthy fats, then we are off carbs, then some carbs are ok, the list goes on. These diets will wreak havoc on your metabolism and almost none of these are a long term solution.


Weight Loss Shakes

Sometimes going to the gym to lose weight is not enough. There are many weight loss shakes available but most of them either don’t taste good or the ingredient list is rather scary looking. IdealShape is one which tastes great and helps you lose those extra pounds.


Eat Healthy Food

This one is really obvious but still needs a mention. Eat your fruit and vegetables. And lots of them. Don’t eat packaged food, junk food, fast food, or even soda. This includes diet soda too.


Use The Red, Green, And Orange Rule

Each meal, try to focus that at one food item matches the color. Eat your green vegetables such as broccoli, orange vegetables such as carrots, and some meat. These things will help you have a balanced diet for your dinners.